Default Intervention

Hacienda's Default Intervention Program provides support to homeowners at risk of foreclosure.  Our certified housing counselors work with those struggling financially to identify and explore all available options based on their specific situations.  Our services are free of charge.

If you have missed mortgage payments or are at risk of falling behind:

  1. Complete our application and turn it in along with the requested supporting documentation listed on the front page.
  2. Complete an online default intervention workshop.  Submit the
  3. certificate of completion along with the rest of your application.
  4. Once we receive a complete application packet, we will schedule you an appointment with a housing counselor.

You may turn in documents via email, fax, mail, or drop-off.  There are computers available for use at our office. Feel free to contact us with any questions, or if you have trouble locating your documents.


Oregon Homeownership Stabilization Initiative (OHSI)

Mortgage Payment Assistance through OHSI is now available. For questions and payment information, go to


                                                              Sample Notice of Resolution Conference letter

Oregon Foreclosure Avoidance (OFA) Program

If you have received a Notice of Resolution Conference (see example to the right) in the mail, you have the opportunity to participate in the Oregon Foreclosure Avoidance (OFA) Program.  This program is a mandatory, statewide foreclosure mediation program. Before most lenders can begin foreclosure of a residential trust deed, they must request a face-to-face meeting with the homeowner through OFA.  The OFA program was created by the state legislature and is overseen by the Oregon Department of Justice.  If you choose to opt in, these are your next steps:

  1. Pay the fee by the fee deadline shown on your notice. This is critical as you will forfeit your opportunity to participate in OFA if this deadline passes.  There is a $175 fee for homeowners to participate; this can be reduced to $50 for income-qualified homeowners.  Refer to your notice for income guidelines and information on how and where to send your payment.  Note: this is the only time you should pay a fee associated with foreclosure avoidance.  See below for information on foreclosure scams.
  2. Contact us to register for an intake.  Intakes are held at our office every Wednesday at 3:00pm.  At the intake, you will receive a brief orientation and be able to meet with staff who can help you prepare your documentation, understand the process and answer your questions.  You may also watch a video about the program online.
  3. Turn in your documents.  Refer to your Notice of Resolution Conference for a list of required documents.  These documents are to be uploaded to an online portal.  Hacienda's staff can assist you in reviewing and uploading your documents.  
  4. Meet with a housing counselor.  Once we receive your completed forms and supporting documents, we will schedule you an appointment for housing counseling and preparation for your resolution conference. 
  5. Attend the resolution conference.  It is strongly advised that you attend your resolution conference accompanied by a housing counselor, as counselors are knowledgeable about the process and essential to helping clients understand and navigate it.  Counselors act as your advocate during these meetings.  

benefits of housing counseling

We understand that trying to avoid foreclosure can be an intimidating process.  Housing counseling is proven to be an effective intervention in helping distressed homeowners avoid foreclosure.  Housing counselors can:

  • Explain what home retention options and exit strategies are available
  • Help identify the best options for you
  • Provide financial analysis to assess your situation
  • Assist you in preparing your documents
  • Support you in communicating with your mortgage servicer
  • Advocate for you, including accompanying you to your resolution conference if you are a participant in the Oregon Foreclosure Avoidance Program
  • Connect you to resources and community partners

Early intervention is important.  See below for information on how to get started.


how to avoid foreclosure scams

If someone asks you to pay a fee up front to modify your mortgage, or promises to help you negotiate with your lender to lower your home loan payments or save your house, stop! 

Scammers use public records to target people who are in the foreclosure process.  They also target limited English speakers and senior citizens.  Beware!

Scammers often: 

  • Make themselves look like an official agency
  • Portray themselves as licensed attorneys
  • Guarantee or promise positive results
  • Set up fictitious websites and toll-free numbers that look official
  • Ask for personal account information, such as your bank account and social security number
  • Tell you not to make payments or contact your lender or a nonprofit housing counselor
  • Advertise on radio, TV, the internet, or send mail to you

Consumers should:

  • Verify the company is licensed within the State of Oregon by calling 866-814-9710
  • Verify the agency is HUD-certified by visiting
  • Contact their mortgage company to ask questions about their loan 
  • Contact a nonprofit housing counseling agency such as Hacienda CDC, or visit to find a local agency
  • Contact an attorney only if he or she is a member of the Oregon State Bar

Consumers should not:

  • Pay money up front for help negotiating with their lender
  • Send loan payments to anyone other than their lenders
  • Give their financial information before they verify licensing or registration
  • Sign documents or contracts they don't completely understand