Suzanna's Story

Suzanna brought her child that had some health problems to Portland Niños—Hacienda CDC’s child development and parent education program offered to Hacienda CDC residents and Latino parents. After the second class she felt comfortable confiding in the instructor and asked for help. Not yet a Hacienda resident, she invited the coordinator and instructor to her home to help her figure out what was making her son sick. They found mold on the walls. The family moved to a new apartment and, with Hacienda’s help, got access to furniture.

After receiving Hacienda’s support, Suzanna became very dedicated to Portland Niños classes and finished the six-week series. She learned about the effect of lead in children and followed recommendations regarding cooking in traditional clay pots. “Your help has given me hope. I want to invite my friends and relatives to come to these classes so they can learn how to take better care of their children,” said Suzanna, after completing Portland Niños.

Success Story Program: 
Early Childhood Education