Early Childhood Education


Portland Niños is the first step in Hacienda's continuum of educational support to families from birth through adulthood. It is a free program that provides early childhood education to parents and developmental activities for children from birth to age five, monitoring their progress and promoting kindergarten readiness.

Portland Niños

Portland Niños aims to reduce the academic and health disparities in Latino and immigrant children by providing support for families with children from birth to age five. Parents participate in weekly parenting support groups, educational workshops and monthly home visits from Hacienda’s Parent Educators, monitoring their child’s health and development. Children and infants engage in age-appropriate activities geared toward cognitive health and kindergarten preparation.

Hacienda’s Portland Niños program uses the nationally recognized Parents as Teachers Born to Learn™ curriculum, offering Spanish-English educational materials and activities that promote physical, cognitive and emotional development. Portland Niños youth also receive preventative screenings for health and development and referral resources. Research shows that parenting skills gained through participation in Parents as Teachers Born to Learn™ curriculum leads to school readiness and academic achievement.

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Hi, my name is Sandra Fonseca, and my daughter’s name is Gisel Dominguez Fonseca and she is 28 months old.  I am very happy and satisfied with the Portland Niños program because my family has experienced some surprising changes and we have learned how to have fun together as a family.

In September of 2009 my family was referred by the Multnomah County Health...

Lydia is a 38-year-old mother of three and struggles with weight problems and high blood pressure. At every meal, she would pour a small mound of salt on a dish so she could dab her finger in it and place the salt on her tongue before every bite. But when Lydia began attending Portland Niños’ exercise group with her grandchild, she began learning about proper nutrition...

Suzanna brought her child that had some health problems to Portland Niños—Hacienda CDC’s child development and parent education program offered to Hacienda CDC residents and Latino parents. After the second class she felt comfortable confiding in the instructor and asked for help. Not yet a Hacienda resident, she invited the coordinator and instructor to...

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