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Welcome to Hacienda CDC's Homeownership Support Program!

If you are looking for information about the Oregon Mortgage Payment Assistance Program, please visit www.oregonhomeownersupport.gov

Hacienda's Homeownership Support Program provides free group education and one-on-one counseling to homeowners who are in foreclosure, in default or at risk of falling behind with payments.  If you are a homeowners struggling to meet the cost of the mortgage on your home, our team of trained housing counselors will work with you to identify and explore all options that may be available based on your specific financial situation.  We also work with aspiring homeowners to help them purchase their first home.  Please see below for more details about the Foreclosure Prevention and Homebuying services we offer. You may also refer to the frequently asked questions.

Hacienda CDC is a HUD Approved Housing Counseling Agency.  Homeownership Support Program services are offered free of charge and are available to all Oregon residents.  Program staff members are bilingual and share expertise in providing culturally sensitive counseling and support.  All Homeownership Support Program services are confidential.

To learn more about Hacienda's Homeownership Support Program, contact us directly:

Phone: (503) 961-6432

Email: home@haciendacdc.org

Address: 2717 NE Broadway, Portland, OR 97232


FOR PARTNERS:  If you are a non-profit agency, association, business or government entity and want to work with us to help spread the word about our free and confidential Homeownership Support Program services, please contact us directly via the outlets above.

You may also 'Like' our Facebook page and follow our twitter feed to help us spread information.  The earlier and the more often we can reach Oregon homeowners at risk of foreclosure or currently in default, the better the chances are of avoiding home loss.  Please join us in this effort to spread the word!


For First-time Homebuyers:

Hacienda’s Pre Purchase Support Program assists and prepares first time home buyers to become homeowners. Enrolled clients work closely with a bilingual coach throughout the buying process and have the opportunity to apply for down payment assistance loans, IDA’s, training in mortgage-readiness and financial fitness workshops....

For Homeowners at risk of foreclosure, at any stage in the foreclosure process, Hacienda can help you:

If you are a homeowner AT RISK of foreclosure:

For homeowners who are current, but show high risk of falling behind on their mortgage, Hacienda's Homeownership Support Program offers:

  • Preventative information and education through community...

Hacienda's Homeownership Office is located at:

2717 NE Broadway Street
Portland OR, 97232

Please click the link below to see a map of our location.

Hacienda CDC Homeownership Support provides education, information and assistance to a variety of homeowners and potential homeowners. Please visit the different...

Q: I am worried about losing my home.  Can you help me keep it?

A: Every individual’s or family’s situation is unique. The Homeownership Support Program’s housing counselors will evaluate each case in context with the homeowner in one-on-one counseling sessions. Ultimately, much of the decision of whether a homeowner is able...

Hacienda CDC
5136 NE 42nd Ave.
Portland, OR 97218

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