Announcing New Foreclosure Prevention Services

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Hacienda CDC and the Oregon Department of Housing and Community Services (OHCS) Expand Homeownership Support Program Capacity in Multnomah County

Hacienda CDC is pleased to announce a new partnership with the Oregon Department of Housing and Community Services (OHCS). OHCS has launched a new foreclosure resources website, and recently contracted an additional 26 foreclosure counselors at non-profit agencies across the state, including 6 new housing counselors at Hacienda CDC in Portland. Immediately, and over the course of the next several months, these new resources will provide much needed help to distressed homeowners, presenting critical information about existing programs and increasing access to certified housing counseling. As a result of this initiative, Hacienda CDC’s Homeownership Support Program now retains a total of 8 trained counselors ready to assist homeowners in default or at risk of foreclosure within Multnomah County.

The new website and ramp up of foreclosure counseling services across the state are funded by the Oregon Legislature, which appropriated nearly $4 million of Oregon’s share of the National Mortgage Settlement with five of the nation’s largest loan servicers to assist distressed homeowners.

Homeowners who contact Hacienda CDC will have the opportunity to work closely with trained housing counselors to identify options that may be available to them based upon their current financial situation. Together and through one-on-one counseling sessions, homeowners and housing counselors craft a set of possible solutions and a final action plan to meet the homeowner’s stated goals.

With new capacity to reach even more vulnerable homeowners, Hacienda CDC’s Homeownership Support Program has streamlined and expanded its focus to provide targeted assistance to meet a range of foreclosure counseling needs.  Please visit the Homeownership Support Program to learn more about the ways Hacienda can help.