camino a Casa - path to homeownership

Camino a Casa prepares prospective homebuyers for homeownership.  Clients work closely with counselors throughout the home-buying process.  Homebuyers can apply to various programs for down-payment assistance.  We also offer mortgage-readiness and financial fitness workshops.

Want to learn more? 

Your first step is to attend one of our weekly, bilingual workshops.  Contact us to sign up.


Su Dinero, Su Futuro - Financial Education

The ABCs of Home-Buying

This Spanish-language financial education course is offered quarterly and covers budgeting, saving, and credit.  Currently available in Spanish only.

This 8-hour course is required for mortgage-ready homebuyers.  The course is designed to foster sustainable homeownership through sound decision-making and home preservation.  Graduates receive a certificate of completion which may be used for other loan products as needed.

One-on-One Housing Counseling

Our bilingual, HUD-certified housing counselors work closely with homebuyers to help assess their mortgage-readiness, provide financial analysis, set timelines, and connect them to resources and community partners.  We provide support in reviewing loan documents and communicating with third parties, and work as a team with our lender and realtor partners to get clients on the path to homeownership.

Individual Development Accounts (IDA)

IDAs are made possible by the state of Oregon to help fist-time home buyers save money towards their down payment. Funds are matched 3 to 1; up to $3,000 that you save will be tripled up to $9,000.  Please note: Eligibility is determined through income qualifications and the availability of funds.  There is a $25 non-refundable application fee for this program.





Down Payment Assistance Loans (DPAL)

DPAL is a 0%, 30-year loan available to long-term clients interested in purchasing a home in the Interstate Corridor, Gateway or Lents Town Center Urban Renewal Areas. The program is managed by the Portland Housing Bureau who has contracted the Minority Homeowner Assistance Collaborative (MHAC) to prepare, screen and refer MHAC clients for DPAL.



“Things are different when you have your own house,” Gustavo says, “Everything you do is for yourself, and an investment!  It is a place that you can make beautiful.”

For most of the 20 years that Gustavo Escareno and his parents Virginia and Miguel, rented an apartment in Clackamas, they didn’t even consider homeownership to be a possibility.  However, when their rent nearly doubled from $500 to $980 per month, they started looking at their options.  This was what led them to Hacienda CDC’s 16th Annual Latino Home Fair, where they attended a workshop and were among the lucky winners of a down payment assistance raffle.  They started working with a housing counselor from Hacienda to get their finances in order and prepare for homeownership, and in just three months they secured a spacious home in Gresham with a big backyard and a beautiful sequoia tree. 

Gustavo says that “When we saw the backyard, we knew it was the right home for us.”  Virginia and Miguel are excited to have a place of their own to enjoy their golden years, and now when their grandkids visit, they don’t have to sit still in a cramped apartment, but rather have plenty of space to play and can even bring their dogs over.  Gustavo and his parents are very excited to be homeowners, and feel more free and independent now than when they were renting.