Margarita's Story: Owning her first home

Margarita was born in Cuba and has been living in the Portland area for the last 4 years. As a Cuban immigrant she knew that her move would bring great opportunity, but she had no idea that in such a short amount of time she would be able to become the owner of a home.  In the fall of 2012 Margarita was introduced to Hacienda CDC’s Camino a Casa program which helps inform and prepare prospective homebuyers with education, counseling and down payment assistance. She started counseling with Jorge Alvarado who she has described on numerous occasions as “her guide and confidant throughout the process.”

Through her partnership with Hacienda CDC she received financial coaching that helped her gain the tools and knowledge necessary for her to become mortgage ready. In June 2013 she attended Hacienda’s Latino Home Fair which put her on the fast track to buying. After being enrolled in our program for 18 months, Margarita was mortgage ready with the established credit and work history needed to qualify for a loan.

Thanks to various down payment assistance programs available to her through Hacienda she was able to make an offer on her house that included a substantial down payment. Margarita Ferrer became a homeowner on 3/17/14. On behalf of Hacienda CDC we’d like to congratulate Margarita on her hard work, dedication and follow through with our Camino a Casa Programs.